Cartoon Forum – 100% Success for Pesky!

This week is the Cartoon Forum’s 25th Birthday! Happy Birthday Cartoon Forum – we hope to be celebrating with you in another 25 years time!

David Hodgson is currently attending down in Toulouse, France. He’s delighted to be part of this year’s landmark gathering – especially as Pesky also have something exciting to celebrate regarding Cartoon Forum…

We can finally announce that ALL FOUR projects that Pesky have taken to Cartoon Forum over the years have been GREEN-LIT!

Pesky’s first Cartoon Forum was the memorable Llandudno, Wales in 2002!  We nervously pitched ‘Invisible INK’ to a packed room, not knowing where it would lead to.

Original pitch for Invisible Ink

It was a few years later that Samka Productions brought together all the financing and gave the project a revamp to make ‘Mission Invisible’ (or as it’s known in English speaking territories ‘I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids’.)

Mission Invisible - reworked by Samka Productions

The next year we went to Varase, Italy with ‘The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!’ An excited panel gave a fun pitch with ‘live satellite link up’ to the brothers in ‘Rendoosia!’ Our trip to Cartoon Forum helped us secure the final pieces of the financial jigsaw – and a year later we were in production making 78 x 7 min episodes.

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

‘The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!’ went on to win a Pulcinella award and BAFTA for best children’s animation.

2009 was a trip to Stavanger, Norway to pitch ‘Billion Dollar Bow-Wow.’  And we are proud to say that 5 years later this project is now fully financed and will be going into production soon.  We can’t say more than that at the moment – but will keep you posted!

Billion Dollar Bow-Wow - Cartoon Forum pitch

Our fourth Cartoon Forum pitch was ‘Boj & Buddies’ in Sopot, Poland, 2011. A really fun pitch where David Hodgson, Claire Underwood and Dave Ingham wore some fabulously fetching, furry Boj ears…


© Valerie de Halleux / CARTOON

Within 18 months ‘Boj & Buddies’ had been further developed and renamed to a simpler ‘Boj.’ Production of 50 x 11 mins plus a 22 min special is now complete and showing on CBeebies, RTE jnr, ABC 4Kids and very soon Sprout, France 5 and many more!


Pesky would like to sincerely thank Cartoon Forum for creating a such a wonderful event!  You’ve been pivotal in helping small companies like us make their big dreams come true!

Happy 25th Birthday!


Happy Easter From Your New Bilby Buddy Boj!


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from Boj, Pops, Mimi and all his buddies!

For a lot of people, this week will be the first time they’ve ever heard of a bilby! But thanks to the royal visit to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, and the thought that ‘bilby’ might be Prince George’s first word, there’s becoming a bit of a bilby buzz!

So – if you want to know more about our little furry friends are some bilby facts…

  • Australian marsupial with rear facing pouch
  • 600-700 left in the wild
  • Originally two species of bilby, but one became extinct in the 1950s
  • Also known as Rabbit-eared Bandicoots
  • Strong forearms to dig long spiral tunnels
  • Life span of 6-7 years in the wild and 11 years in captivity
  • Excellent sense of smell and a long, sticky tongue which they use to collect seeds and worms from the ground
  • Nocturnal, with very poor eyesight and sensitive to light
  • Long ears so that when they are digging, a portion of them remains
    above ground level so they can hear any predators approaching
  • Once inhabited 70% of Australia – now they are only found in small
    areas in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South-west Queensland
  • The introduced European rabbit competes with bilbies for burrows and food

choc bilby

In Australia there’s a drive to sell chocolate bilbies instead of bunnies at Easter – raising well needed money for the Save the Bilby Fund.  We hope to help the fund further when Boj launches worldwide.



Bafta of Impossibility!


006 years after their last stunt at the Baftas the Amazing Adrenalini Brothers are dusting off their tuxes once again.

And how fitting on the day of the new James Bond premiere that Enk, Adi and Xan should be nominated for their 007-inspired adventure “Mission of Impossibility!”

Amazing work, boys. And a massive congratulations to all our great Production Team – this one’s for you.


Happy Birthday Pesky!

Pesky is 15 years old TODAY!

Let me take you back…

David and I had just finished a short course run by Sussex Enterprise where we learned the business basics. Also on the course was another Epic Multimedia Group redundancy survivor Paul James who set up Audio House then Wafer Audio and who we still work with today.

The office was a poky spare room in a flat above a Chinese restaurant in the Brighton Lanes. Two beige computers and a rather unmelodious dial up modem!  Software was MS DOS Deluxe Paint – though within a month I’d progressed to Future Splash Animator – which was the precursor to Flash.

Exciting times – we were brimming with ideas for interactive TV and cross media – maybe a little ahead of our time!

It’s been a long rewarding journey with many glorious highlights. But most of all we have met some fantastically creative, talented and lovely people.

Thanks to everyone who has been a friend of Pesky through it’s first 15 years… I hope we can have many more fun-filled years ahead!



MiniMation Workshop in Lewes

The Peskies ran another successful MiniMation workshop today.  This time for both children and adults at Lewes Film Club – to accompany the feature film ‘A Town Called Panic’.

Around 40 enthusiastic people joined in and for many it was the first time they’d created any animation.

The 7 frame animations were quickly scanned, edited and in the nick of time burnt onto a DVD ready to play after the movie.

Claire is looking to roll out her MiniMation workshops to schools and groups over the next year. Another is being planned for a youth group in Eastbourne next month.

It’s such a simple and immediate way to animate, with quick results.  Perfect for an introduction to animation for ages 7 upwards.

Get in touch if you’re interested!

Pesky Poppy in Print!

Pesky’s youngest recruit, Poppy (age 7) has had her first piece published in a wonderful new book ‘Claude at the Circus’.  The book, written by Alex T Smith and published by Hodder, is the third gem in the Claude series.

The books follow an adventurous little dog Claude, and his friend Sir Bobblysock – who is a bobbly sock with a penchant for cups of tea and an afternoon nap!  Claude means well, but makes inadvertent mistakes, which result in escalating mayhem where ever he goes.  The books are perfect for the newly independent reader – with a good balance of text and detailed, witty pictures.

Poppy originally wrote this ‘Claude in the City’ piece in her role as a reviewer for the fantastic independent Bags of Books children’s bookshop in Lewes. Claire posted it up on Facebook where it was spotted by Hodder.

The Peskies hope Poppy will continue her writing and drawing – and in ten years she might be ready to take over the family business!

The book can be bought from

…or come to Lewes and visit

PeskyNews has landed!

We’ve been giving our web presence a well overdue revamp, and have finally set up Facebook and Twitter pages, and now this mobile / iPad friendly blog.  This all makes up for the fact our website is remaining a suitably irritating, troublesome Flash website!

We couldn’t bear to part with the fleas, the quirky sound effects and business bunnies! And as most of the work we’ve done over the last 15 years is Flash, it made sense to keep showcasing our archive in a Flash website.

Our updated Flash website is still under reconstruction – but will be up and running soon!

However – this is where you will find all our latest news. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or ‘Like’ our Facebook page too!